About SideArms

SideArms is a third-person, multiplayer shooter set in a futuristic world. Fast-paced death matches are played out in low-gravity arenas filled with a variety of obstacles and terrain. As a rocket-driven android, your goal is to battle your fellow androids for the right to pilot a giant mech in a chaotic, one-versus-all shootout.

Hone your rocket skills to perform outrageous maneuvers and eliminate the competition in style! Keep your faithful gunbot well-stocked with a wide variety of firepower, or draw your katana for close quarters combat. It's just you and your gunbot sidekick against the world!

Customize your android to countless possibilities with a robust character creator. Complete challenges, participate in seasonal events, and enter giveaways to earn even more customization options!


Why isn't the game loading?

We don't support mobile or tablets at the moment - if you have something else, reach out on Discord and we can try to solve it.

How do I play the game?

Just click the "Learn" tab at the top of the screen for the basics, advanced tips, and even a tutorial level where you can earn a cool alternate skin for gunbot!

Which browser should I use?

Chrome will universally provide the best performance. And Internet Explorer is not supported, unfortunately.

More info is available in the full FAQ

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